Plumeria Tropical Hawaii - Franchipani Temple Tree
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Plumeria Tropical Hawaii - Franchipani Temple Tree

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An exceptional tropical plant with deliciously fragrant flowers that has been used in the perfume industry for years. Our plants are well established, multi-branched and in season are often delivered in bud with flowers coming, the super blooms vary from white to pink and all sorts of tropical shades in between.

The Plumeria is also called Franchipani in reference to the 16th century Marquis Franchipani, the Italian inventor of perfume based on the fragrance of this plant. In Hawaii, women traditionally carry the flower of the fragipani behind their right ear when they are looking for a man or behind their left ear when they are 'occupied'.

Frangipani trees can shed their leaves several times a year, but they grows back quickly, they are great used as potted plants in the summer months and kept inside for the winter, over several years they can reach up to 2 metre tall when over wintered under cover. Water your Frangipani sparingly, and give it lots of bright light for the best results.

It will do really well positioned outside in a sunny spot in summer, and is a very easy and maintenance-free pot plant, simply always ensure good drainage.

Supplied in approx 1-2 litre containers.