White Flowering Shrubs

White flowering shrubs add an air of freshness and calm to any garden. The purity of white flowers creates a sense of peace in an outdoor space defining a relaxed retreat away from the hustle and bustle of life. We offer a vast range of white flowering shrubs for sale, all perfect for growing under UK conditions. Shrubs provide structure to a garden, offering year-round interest and low maintenance. Our selection includes deciduous and evergreen plants, so you have the perfect solution for any garden style. Shrubs with white flowers are the perfect backdrop for bulbs, perennials and annuals to show off and steal the limelight. From large, showy heads of Hydrangeas to the delicate blooms of Deutzias, there is a white plant for everyone.

Within small and shady gardens white flowering bushes help to lift the space, lighten the dark areas and add a positivity to the area. Why not try combining Virburnums, Hibiscus, spireas and Hydrangeas for a gloriously long flowering season.

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