Hamamelis & Loropetalum -Witch Hazel

Known for their spellbinding, fragrant blooms that brighten the coldest days, Witch Hazels (Hamamelis) are a must-have for homeowners seeking beauty and quality every season.

Delight in the unique charm of varieties like 'Jelena' with its coppery-orange flowers, or 'Diane,' celebrated for her deep red petals. Not only do these plants offer spectacular winter colours, but they also bring an enchanting fragrance to your garden when most other plants are dormant.

Witch Hazels are remarkably easy to care for, thriving in various garden settings and requiring minimal maintenance. They provide exceptional value, rewarding you year after year with their resilient beauty and captivating presence.  Choose from our huge selection below and add drama to your garden today.

Featuring the true winter blooming Witch Hazels, known as Hamamelis and Chinese Witch Hazel that goes under the name Loropetalum.  

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