Mini Christmas Tree - Tabletop Christmas Tree - Classy Contemporary Small Real Christmas Tree

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It's tricky to know exactly what name to give this tree - others call them Letterbox trees - except, ours isn't a letter box tree, as we keep the roots intact and dont squeeze the branches into a flat box!


This little Alberta Spruce tree has the same fine needles and dense branching as the big guys, but is simply much smaller in size.


Everyone loves the sweet scent of pine from a Christmas Tree but not everyone has room for a large full sized Christmas tree, which is really where these come in. This Classy Mini Christmas Tree (Picea conica) offers a smaller stature, big enough to fit in the home, on a corner table for example, and of course with the definitive forest fragrance. 


Once the festivities are over, place it outside on the patio or plant it in the garden.


Classy fragrant real live Christmas Tree, growing in a pot, so it retains its needles in the home, and can be planted out in the garden after.


Wonderfully shaped, this classy tree will attract admiring comments from all visitors this Christmas, particularly if you decorate it like the example in our picture or use a small set of twinkling lights.


Supplied in a nursery pot as pictured, the overall height is approximately 40-50cm.

WINTER SALE - Usually 12.99, today just 6.99 - Save £6!

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