Smaller & Mini Christmas Trees

There's be a huge trend in recent years for Mini Christmas Trees. and these pot grown pines really are little beauties.

Others sell certain types as 'Letterbox Christmas trees' which means squishing them flat and cutting the roots to get through a letterbox, but we think this compromises the quality and hard work of our growers to produce these, so we do not cut ours - they'll arrive by courier, who will simply leave in a safe place if you're not home and they'll last long after the festivities are over so long as you keep them watered. Delivery of a Decorative Christmas Tree to friends and family also makes for a wonderful and unexpected gift.

Our Christmas Trees can even be planted out in the garden or potted on for another year! Plus because you're buying direct from a nursery with Gardening Express, you get grower direct prices! No fancy marketing, no tacky decorations, flimsy sets of lights or gimmicks - just quality Mini Christmas Trees at down to earth prices.

We also have a range of slightly larger potted Christmas trees available in this section too - so if you're after something just that little bit bigger, look no further - order a box of festive fun today with one of our Christmas trees and get into the spirit the season.

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