PRE-ORDER: Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree - Fresh Cut Non-Drop Luxury Tree (approx 6-7ft) + Delivered 11th - 17th Dec +

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We're beating the High Street, and slashing our Christmas Tree prices to give our customers what we believe is the best deal available in the UK, helping you celebrate for less!

We only sell Grade A Premium Christmas Trees - The very best available.

The Nordmann Fir is a high quality non-drop fir tree ideal for decorating your home this Christmas.

We've specially chosen this luxury Christmas tree as it has wonderfully glossy, deep green-blue needles that won't end up all over the carpet, with the minimal shedding.

The Nordmann Fir is the most popular Christmas tree in the UK, and one of the reasons being that it has a lovely symmetrical shape, with strong branches. The needles are shiny, mid green and soft to touch, making it ideal for all members of the family to decorate.

The Height of Tree supplied is approx 1.7-2 metres (6-7ft) and ideal for the average home.

Our Luxury Nordmann firs are not to be confused with the usual standard found in the average Garden Centre, DIY chains and with other on-line retailers. We only sell premium grade trees, full, bushy, and evenly branched. As Christmas Trees are a perishable item, we take extra care to ensure we only supply the freshest available for the longest life in your home.

This item is currently available for Pre-Order, by ordering now for delivery as soon as stocks are ready to ship, you'll get the freshest stock as soon as they are good to go, we'll email you to let you know when they're leaving us. If you have other items on your order, these will ship in advance of any Pre-Order items.

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Once you have received your tree we recommend you keep it outside with the stump in a bucket of water for as long as possible before you wish to bring it inside, this will ensure the longest possible life for your tree in the home. The longer you keep outside, the longer the life of your tree over the festive period.

When you are ready to bring your tree inside, you will need to remove the netting from your Luxury Nordman Fir cut Christmas Tree, it is best to do this outside as there will be a small amount of loose needles, this is normal and nothing to worry about it is simply a result of the netting and transportation and will happen to all trees. It is also caused by the initial shock the tree receives while being cut at the plantation and the trees will drop all of the older needles that they would have dropped anyway while they were growing. Give the tree a good shake to remove the loose ones.

Inside, position your tree away from direct heat sources such as radiators and open fires as this can dry out and damage the tree. Ideally your tree should be positioned somewhere so that it gets a few hours of natural light each day, even if it isn't direct sunlight. Think of your tree like a bunch of cut flowers.

Your living tree, just like any living plant needs to be watered, your stand should be able to hold plenty of water around the stump. It is best to use warm water the first time you fill your tree stand as this allows the sap to move more freely around the tree. Because your tree has been freshly cut there is no need to trim the base, although you can do so if you wish.

Most trees will need to be watered once per day to ensure the base of the tree never dries out, your tree will drink several litres per day in the first week or two. Loss of needles is usually a result of the tree drying out, so please do be diligent in keeping your tree well watered.

Please follow the above guidelines and these will help your tree over the festive period.

We hope you enjoy your Christmas Tree.