WINTER SALE - Large 5-6ft Specimen Climbing Rose - Laguna - Courtyard Climber

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A stunning hybrid-tea climbing shrub Rose which will enchant you both with its fantastic scent and superb colour. From early summer through until the autumn large fully double pink blooms will be born feely throughout the plants frame, standing out against its tidy dark green leaves, the flowers appear in clusters of eight to ten and omit a beautiful scent that has been described as similar to a fresh lemon.


This Rose is also good as a cut flower so this amazing scent can also be brought into your home.


This is a great Rose for a patio, grown on trellis or sat in a cottage style border on and frame, it has the added bonus of being happy to grow in dappled shade. it will reach two metres plus and one metre wide. Dead heading and mulch to keep ‘Laguna’ happy and flowering.


Supplied in approx. 5.5 litre containers at a height of approx. 180-200cm.


WINTER SALE - Usually 79.99, today just 39.99 - Save £40!