Large 6-7ft Specimen Climbing Rose - Rosarium Uetersen

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A tidy looking compact climber that reaches three metres in height. In mid-summer large double flowers, reaching up to ten centimetres in diameter, are produced in clusters. Dark, magenta coloured petals, which turn a silvery pink on the underside, these individual flowers endure for a long period and the plant as a whole will keep its floral display going all the way until autumn. As well as colour this Rose will fill the air with fragrance and the whole display is set to the backdrop of handsome mid-green glossy leaves. This is a great climbing Rose for a mixed planted informal garden, train it up some trellis at the back of a border or over an arch. It is an unfussy plant just needing a good sunny spot and an annual mulch.

Supplied in approx. 5.5 litre containers at a height of approx. 180-200cm.