Skimmia japonica Perosa - Variegated Rubella Skimmia

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This Skimmia is one of the most undemanding evergreen shrubs you can have, offering all year round colour and garden interest. It is fantastic in pots and planter or when used in beds and borders, it's tolerant of urban city pollution at the curb side if required, and it will cope with most positions except perhaps for baking sunshine anywhere else. Simply provide a handfull or two of season long feed each year and water in dry spells.

Each lead is a wonderful combination of greens and grey, with a hint of cream and occasionally a tint of burgundy. This sets of bright crimson red buds beautifully and these are held on the plant all winter to provide a decorative look in the coldest months, finally in spring they open to creamy white lightly fragrant flowers. Perosa Skimmia will therefore provide great garden value at the dullest times of the year weatherwise, offer a bright splash of colour whatever the weather, even if their is snow underfoot.

Perosa is a male variety, so like the well know green form Rubella, will only carry buds and flowers, and not berries like some Skimmia can. Supplied in approx 3-4 litre containers.

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