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Patio Fruit Garden - Growing your own healthy fruits is so easy, any one can do it, even you!

Many people are put off thinking they need lots of space, but you don't even need a big garden to grow these and have your own tasty home grown treats.

This special collection has been selected so you can even grow successfully on the patio or balcony in pots, although you can of course plant in the garden if you wish. The plants are lovely, and of fantastic quality, and all should be fruiting within a season of planting, that is if they are not fruiting and flowering already when they are delivered to you!

That's right, these are not tiny seedlings, but established miniature bushes and trees many of which may even be fruiting when delivered, despite their small stature!!!

Our collection features top quality plants in great varieties, you would think you can only grow these with great skill overseas, but that is not the case - you can really surprise your friends with your new found green fingered growing skills. All of these can be kept safely in tubs or planted in the garden.

This fantastic value selection includes:

Little Blue Wonder Blueberry (Vaccinium corybosum) - Juicy blueberries are not only delicious, but also a renowned source of health giving anti-oxidants. What's more, our blueberry plants could not be easier to grow, producing crops from July to October. Can you imagine picking your own fresh fruit on your patio or balcony? Our specially selected Little Blue Wonder variety allows you can do just that, as they are well suited to growing in patio planters. If you want to plant them in the garden, that's no problem either.

These are going to be delicious fresh, in muffins, made into sauces for deserts, in smoothies, with your breakfast muesli or simply as a healthy snack. These Blueberry Plants are perfect for growing in patio containers, because they love the compost and you can give them ideal growing conditions. These Blueberries will give you a crop, year after year, from early July right through to mid October. Supplied to you as quality bushy plants in their own pots. Plant them as soon as you get them into nice deep patio pots and enjoy your first blueberry harvest from next summer. Blueberries are also beautiful in the garden. In spring rusty red leaf tips mature into a strong green canopy. Then clusters of creamy white flowers turn into the juicy blueberries. Then in Autumn they will provide a lovely bright colour as the foliage turns shades of yellow through orange and red. 

Little Miss Figgy Figs (Ficus carica) - Forget those funny dried things you see around at Christmas, these are the luxury, fresh and juicy real deal and a source of vitamin C, calcium and iron too! Our gorgeous little miss figgy fig tree, providing a compact version of a full sized specimen, has been grown to be a complete miniature plant and would be ideal for planting up in a container on the patio. It is of fruiting size, so if you have restricted space, like instant results, and have always wanted a fig tree, then this is for you. It would also make an ideal gift, and if you don't want to restrict it in a pot, you can simply plant it out in the garden, and allow it to grow into a productive small bushy tree.

Raspberry (Rubus) - This Raspberry is a fantastic new concept for growing Raspberries, meaning that at last, even those with restricted space can grow this favourite summer fruit. This special compact dwarf raspberry plant produces short canes that reach around a metre tall, which makes them perfect for growing in large patio containers and smaller gardens. Try planting one raspberry plant per 10 litre container or 3 to a larger sized 40 litre pot.

With this ruby beauty, you can grow delicious Raspberries where you wouldn't have even imagined in the past, balconies, terraces and patios are all possible. Raspberry 'Little Sweet Sister' is multi branching, and will produce good crops of delicious sweet raspberries, unlikely to all make it in to the picking basket!

The stems are thornless, with and a short height of plants making harvesting very quick and easy too. If you've grown raspberries before but had your crop stolen by the birds, these lower growing plants could be the answer as they are very easy to net over should you discover the berries starting to disappear before you've harvested. Low maintenance and easy to grow.

Summer Long Blackberry (Rubus) - This compact Black Berry is a breakthrough in the breeding of blackberries that makes it perfect for smaller gardens, and even patios. The stems are thornless, which is a big plus when picking the plentiful berries, and unlike wild varieties it does not sprawl everywhere, yet produces masses of upright shoots that cover themselves in delicious berries all summer long. The fruits themselves are larger than the average blackberry, and very tasty, starting early, often in July and coming perpetually until the first autumn frosts. This makes them perfect as a potted plant on a balcony or terrace if you don't have a larger veg plot or garden to plant them in.

Goji berry Princess Tao (Lycium barbarum) - Princess Tao is a specially selected easy to grow, sweet fruiting variety. If you are passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle then you are probably already aware of the current worldwide interest in the nutritional power of the Far East's best-kept secret - The legendary GOJI Berry! They're the latest 'must have' miracle berry in celebrity circles. Said to banish cellulite, boost your immune system, contain more vitamin C than oranges and more iron than steak, this Himalayan berry is quite a catch. There's one problem though, they're very expensive to buy. Good news then, that these little red berries can be grown in the UK's climate easily, keep this amazing plant in your own garden for a continuous supply of nutritional super-fruit and eat piles of fresh goji berries throughout the summer months from just a few, small bushes. The Goji Berry is one of nature's best-kept secrets. Although this nutrient-rich "superfood" has been treasured by the Himalayan people for over 2000 years and praised for its unrivalled nutritional properties, it has remained relatively unknown to the Western world until now, with its label as a the new "superfood". It is also known as the "happy berry" because of the sense of well-being it induces! The Goji berry is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements and is said to help eyesight, the immune system, circulation and the liver. It is very important in Chinese medicine where it is believed to be a valuable ingredient to the anti-aging diet. Berries are sweet and tasty - eat anytime as a healthy snack Add the berries to juices and smoothies Use dried berries for highest nutritional benefits Brew them into a refreshing tea Soak dried berries in water for a tonic Add to cereals and muesli mixes

As easy to grow as tomatoes!

Grow in any well-drained soil in a patio tub or open garden

Drought tolerant & self-pollinating

Plants are hardy down to -15C!

All the above are delivered as high quality pot grown plants, special compact varieties that command a premium price, are guaranteed, some may even be fruiting on delivery!

Each plant is individually supplied growing in its own container, of around 1 litre in size.

Grow in the garden or on your patio.

They will do best in a bright position sheltered from the worst of the weather, but all can be grown safely outside all year round.

Buy your amazing collection of special fruits today, as this offer probably won't last long!