The WHITE BAG - Premium Professional Multi-purpose Compost - 40 Litre Bag

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The 'White Bag' compost offers a bespoke mix, as used by professional growers, and produced to an exacting recipe - you may find this availble from other online retailers too in the same plain white bags, the quality would be the same, but you won't match our price!

Containing 50% composted wood fibre, which creates an open mix loved by plants roots plus a precise blend of other ingredients to ensure the best drainage and water holding balance.  The compost is also pH balanced to ensure optimum growing conditions along with the addition of a starter fertiliser your plants will get off to a flying start.

Additionally, 'The White Bag' contains a special slow release feed that will give your plants a slow and steady supply of nutrients for six months.  

Do not confuse this compost with low grade cheap multi-buy bags available through super markets or DIY stores. Perfect for pots, baskets and planters for growing any plants. Supplied in conveniently sized 40 litre bags.

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The Benefits of Our Multipurpose Compost

Get the perfect growing medium for your plants with our versatile multipurpose compost
Our nutrient-rich formula promotes healthy plant growth and strong root development. Our recipe is taken from commercial plant growers, so you are getting the very best
It improves soil structure, retains moisture, and provides aeration and drainage for roots
Enjoy a beautiful and bountiful garden with our high-quality compost
How to Use Multipurpose Compost

Our compost is easy to use, choose the right size bag for your needs
Fill your containers or mix it with soil for even better results
Water your plants regularly to help release the integrated plant food
Whether you're a novice or an experienced gardener, our multipurpose compost is perfect for your plants
Why Choose Our Multipurpose Compost

It's a great value for the quality and versatility it offers
Our compost is perfect for a variety of plants, from flowers to vegetables and more
You can trust our high-quality, sustainable production methods to provide you with the best possible growing medium