Nepeta Plants - Catmint

Nepeta, also known as Catmint, is a must-have addition to any garden, bringing a touch of elegance. One of the most attractive features of Nepeta is its abundant and vibrant flowers. With hues ranging from soft lavender to deep purple, these blooms create a stunning display that will captivate both you and your garden visitors. The flowers attract butterflies and bees, making your garden a haven for pollinators.  Nepeta is a clump-forming perennial with grey-green foliage.

Nepeta thrives in sunny locations, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a low-maintenance plant. Whether planted in borders, rock gardens, or containers, Nepeta will flourish and reward you with its long-lasting blooms. Its aromatic foliage releases a pleasant fragrance when brushed against it, adding another sensory dimension to your garden. Among the most popular varieties of Nepeta are 'Walker's Low' and 'Six Hills Giant'. 'Walker's Low' boasts striking blue flowers and compact growth, while 'Six Hills Giant' offers larger blooms and a more vigorous habit.

All varieties are easy to grow and require minimal care and perform well in areas receiving little water? Bring the beauty of Nepeta to your garden and enjoy its effortless growth and stunning flowers. Browse our selection and find the perfect Nepeta variety to transform your outdoor space into a haven of natural beauty.

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