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Vinca - Periwinkle Plants

Vinca is an evergreen shrub that is an excellent addition to any garden, providing year-round colour and texture. Vinca is a low-maintenance plant that is perfect for borders, beds, and containers. It is also a great choice for ground cover, as it spreads quickly and easily. Vinca is a great choice for cottage gardens, rock gardens, and Mediterranean gardens. Vinca comes in a variety of colours, including white, pink, purple, and blue. Some popular cultivars include Vinca minor, Vinca major, Vinca rosea, and Vinca difformis. Vinca minor is a low-growing, evergreen shrub with dark green leaves and small, star-shaped flowers. Vinca major is a larger variety with larger flowers and a more vigorous growth habit. Vinca rosea is a trailing variety with pink flowers and glossy foliage. Vinca difformis is a low-growing, evergreen shrub with white flowers and variegated foliage. No matter which variety you choose, Vinca is sure to add beauty and texture to your garden.
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Vinca minor - Blue Flowered Evergreen Ground Cover - Lesser Periwinkle Plant
Vinca minor - Pack of THREE - Blue Flowered Evergreen Ground Covering Lesser Periwinkle Plants
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