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Perovskia is a striking, small Himalayan shrub composed of subtle shades, also known as Russian Sage, Perovskia Blue Spire consists of aromatic leaves and upright spikes of violet-blue flowers. Soft grey-green foliage covers white stems, with the lavender blue flowers appear in from late July right the way through to late September in a good year.

The combination of flowers and foliage means this Perovskia lends itself well as a companion to all kinds of late-summer ornamental grasses and perennials such as Stipa and Japanese Anemone. It looks really good planted in groups or en-masse, try alongside a path where the sage-like fragrance of its leaves can be appreciated. It also associates really well with silver-leaved plants, or in bold swathes in a sunny border.

In winter, Perovskia can still look impressive, with the white stems making an attractive feature. Highly recommended plants, Perovskia Blue Spire will even deal with dry, chalky soils and salt-laden air. Supplied in approx. 5 litre containers.

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