Date Palm Phoenix roebelenii - Pygmy Date Palm - circa 150cm tall

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Phoenix Roebelenii - the Pygmy Date Palm - is a very stylish and elegant palm with an exotic look. The delicate feathery arching fronds of foliage are held on a robust slender trunk, making it a popular choice for a brightly lit room in the house, in a conservatory or as a patio plant. It is best grown in a planter that it can be moved to a frost free place over winter if you choose to use it outside during the summer months. 

Originating from the tropical forests of Africa and Asia, Phoenix roebelinii adapts really well and is a palm tree plant that really thrives the home, standing out for its ability of air purification and graceful arching foliage. Supplied in approx. 12 litre containers.
SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 129.97, today just 79.97 - Save £50!

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