APPLE TREE - Lucky Dip Lost Label Plants - circa 140cms tall

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SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 37.95, today just 17.95 - Save £20!

If you are after an apple tree, this offer could be the ideal solution, high quality pot grown trees on MM106 root stocks - perfect for the small or medium sized garden - just we don't know the varieties! Over the winter the weather has had an effect on the trees labels so we can't see what we are sending you, so as a result we are selling them off at an amazing price! All good quality sturdy pot-grown trees. The varieties could be:

Egremont Russet
Beauty of Bath
Granny Smith
Pitmaston Pineapple
Queen Cox
Arthur Turner
Red Delicious
Red Love

Supplied as well established and pot grown, these trees are around 140cms tall on delivery, very strong and sturdy and ready to fruit the following season.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 37.95, today just 17.95 - Save £20!

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