Yuzu Lime - Citrus junos Tree - 60-80cms

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This in vogue hybrid of lime, lemon and grapefruit from Japan is both trendy and tasty! 

A Yuzu looks like a lemon and a mandarin orange in one - it is small and round, with yellow-orange bumpy skin. The fruit's juice has intense, blossom-like aromas which are more floral than honey-sweet. It has a strong taste too - like orange blossom water with a sharp grapefruit edge.

It is used in many oriental recipes - not just Japanese, but in Chinese dishes and Korean cuisine too. It can now be found in supermarkets as bottled juice and flavouring other products such as yogurts - but you'll struggle to find the fresh fruit - which is called for in dishes touted by many well known celebrity chefs, so perhaps it is time to grow your own?

Like a lemon, a yuzu's uses range from savoury to sweet. Yuzu Meringue Pie anyone?

Supplied as strong grafted bushy plants in approx 3-4 litre containers at around 60-80cms tall.

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