Hellebores and Helleborus

Welcome to the world of Hellebores! These beautiful and unique perennials are a great addition to any garden. With their evergreen foliage and delicate, nodding flowers, they will bring a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Hellebores are perfect for shady areas and look great in woodland, cottage, and formal gardens. They are also great for naturalising and look great when planted in groups. Hellebores are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance. They are also deer and rabbit resistant, making them a great choice for wildlife gardens.

Hellebores are also great for cutting and look great in bouquets and arrangements. Some of the most popular cultivars of Hellebores include 'Ivory Prince', 'Royal Heritage', 'Winter Moonbeam', and 'Pink Frost'. Common names for Hellebores include Lenten Rose, Christmas Rose, and Bear's Foot. Hellebores are an excellent choice for any garden, and they look great when planted with other shade-loving plants such as ferns, hostas, and astilbes. Please browse our selection of Hellebores today and find the perfect addition to your garden!

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