Acers - Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples define grace and beauty, adding a touch of sophistication to any garden. There is an Acer (or Maple as they are commonly known) for every garden, they are happy in the ground or a container and space should not stop anyone from owning one.

Japanese Maples offer vibrant autumn colours that will have you wishing for the cooler months and make your garden the envy of all your friends

Acers prefer a sheltered shady spot which can often prove troublesome to fill, whilst they require little ongoing maintenance

Browse our huge selection of Japanese Acers, including the ever-popular Acer palmatum; however, you are spoilt for choice with dwarf, weeping and spreading forms all available.  Whether you are creating a relaxing Japanese garden or your own private oasis, one of our maples will transform your garden to the next level.  If you are pondering buying Acer trees, then don't postpone the idea any longer.  These transformational plants will enhance a small garden or large open expanse.

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